21 Things My Trauma Taught Me

Updated: Apr 19

  1. My higher power is in the Divine

  2. Pain has a purpose so learn from it

  3. God has a plan for what I'm going through

  4. Nothing lasts forever

  5. It will pass

  6. Seek help

  7. Unearth my truth

  8. Feel what I feel and express myself; let it out

  9. Don't assume what I am going through shouldn't be happening

  10. My life's purpose is bigger than my current reality

  11. If I let go, only what should happen will

  12. No matter how much I cry, what is to be will be

  13. Trusting the process helps me cope

  14. God is in control

  15. The more I resist, the greater the impact of the pain

  16. No one but me can accurately define my pain

  17. The world, people, have their own trauma; honor theirs too

  18. Taking my trauma to God is the only way to attract help in my best interest

  19. The pain will subside or I will

  20. I am strong enough to survive

  21. My greatness is in my brokenness

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