A New Sunrise

It’s been dark, too dark

The sun won’t shine,

It’s hiding,

Hiding from me

The sun is drifting,

Drifting away from me

I can barely see it,

Can’t really feel it

Coldness has replaced all the warmth

That could once be found

It’s dark in here

I curdle, I fear

The brokenness is held so dear

The darkness finds me,

The sun now despises me

I am responsible

My faults and my flaws have finally engulfed me

What once was my strength now fails me

What once was my joy detest me

What once I knew is now my ignorance

I plead for honesty, responsibility

I yearn for justice,

I’m not rendering you guilty

My hunger is for a breakthrough

From this enslavement

It eats up my ability to understand why


Will you not see where you have failed?

What will it take for you to see I wear this pain?

This pain which now cloaks me from your deception

You took the sun from me and gave me rain

But the worst is your failure to see how you crippled my veins

So although my broken bones squeak from this burning flame

I shall shoulder it all,

I will carry this blame

I have made my last crawl,

By morrow, the sun shall rise again

© 2004 Racquel Reece

All rights reserved.

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