Forgiving is easy

I haven’t slept since

I haven’t digested anything

My mind is in a whirlwind

And my heart is hanging on by a string

All it took was one simple act

To rip my whole life right off track

Everything I knew, everything I needed

All were lies before you conceded

Maturity comes at my own expense

Since I failed to learn from another’s experience

Perfection I knew never existed

But still, I convinced myself to become invested

Forgiveness is what forgiveness does

Embracing the sinner, covering them with love

For neither am I perfect, maybe I am even worse

Who am I to not forgive you, though painful, this hurts

How do I heal, can I recover?

Forgiveness is easy but how does one get over

What haven’t you said, where is the residue

Have I got all admissions, did I follow all the clues

Will you help me heal or just hate my unbelief?

Will our past hang over our newfound release?

Is it better that you lied, so now I know all possibilities?

Or should I just forgive you and lose all insecurities?

I know you expect me to trust your new words

And yes it is what my heart does prefer

But is that who you are and is this just a glimpse?

Was my whole world a lie or tell me, since?

Forgetting is a bitch, detailing another

For my mind won’t allow my heart to recover

So how do I heal, how do I rebuild

I’ll just love you with all my heart

and trust you until

Just know I’m so broken

I will need time to heal

I trust all words are spoken

And all secrets revealed

Don’t take my love for granted,

nor my forgiveness make light

Although I fail you too and hurt you sometimes

You’ve been perfectly imperfect and so have I

Of this, I will never lose sight

I love you; so forgiving you was not by choice

You’re still my angel, I’ll stand by your side

Written by Racquel Reece © 2018

All rights reserved.

Forgiveness is like a passage, you will have to go through some to get through life with joy. Many times I thought I was forgiving someone because they hurt me, but I soon learned that forgiving them was for my own peace.

Coach Racquel