Good Night

I woke up from an accident with Jeannie Mai

Oh Lord, these dreams of mine

I have a nightlife

Yes, it's true,

My dreams have matriculated

They are no longer just dreams

They are my second world

It started with Nick Cannon

We were filming a movie

Then there was Jennifer Lopez

Taking me through what would seem

like a new apartment complex in the Bronx

I've chilled with The Real's old crew

Driving down the highway, feeling brand new

Some superstars I've hung with I don't even remember,

Go figure

I've chilled with Kanye West

God told me about the choir before I saw his Sunday best

'An army shall rise up' with songs of glory

This is true it is not a made-up story

God told me

To be honest, I am not sure which celebrity I have not met

For in my dreams, we hang out, in real life, not on set

Every other night for almost five years,

There has been a celebrity in my ears

Last night's accident was so powerful

I woke up terrified, in a panic

Jeannie felt lonely although she was with her beau

and her crew

Postpartum had set in and she was upset she hadn't seen me

So as soon as I arrived, she clung to me dearly

I joined her in her pickup truck, which was auto-driving

After she beckoned that I "come right in"

Hand now on the wheel she sped down the highway

Suddenly handing me the wheel, which I took gladly

But then I sorta lost control, upon making a right turn

The wheels screeched so loudly, I could feel their burn

Gasping for air

and a pounding headache

Thank God this isn't real

It was just another celebrity dream

© 2022 Racquel Reece

All rights reserved.

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