Hey Me

Updated: Apr 19

I am watching you heal

I am watching you become

The insurmountable mountains

You have overcome

You are stronger now

You're a survivor

Even when you fall down

You rise up the victor

You take on life's challenges

You braved every weather

You can do this, my friend

All the way to the end

"I am not here for your use, I am here for your purpose. My work blesses you and rewards me. To reap the rewards you have to do your own work."

If your heart has been torn and torn

I know the pain your carry

Never give up even when you're worn

Pain is not the end of your story

Life is full of pure joy

Though the journey can be forlorn

But there's such tremendous beauty

After the clouds and the mystery

Take your time

Learn the lessons

Trust in God

He's got you covered

If the bucket you seem to carry

Blesses others, but you're left empty

Speak with God, he rewards

The work is necessary, lead the charge

Ownership gives us access to the bucket,

But the bucket is not the target

Access to the bucket enables us to fetch the water

But it's doing our work that will produce a legacy and favor

© 2015 Coach Racquel

All rights reserved.

This poem was inspired by a partner who once told me that they felt like they were carrying a bucket but was never able to drink from it. The same partner acknowledged that they have not really performed at their optimum. The results we get will reflect our investment. So I say this, it is either not yet the time for your reward and it will come, or you may need to check your investments. Man doesn't reward, God does. The issue is not with man, it is with God.

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