Why I Travel To Blog

You can work for a lifetime and lose it all in a day.

All my life I worked hard trying to escape the pits of poverty resulting from the unfortunate circumstances in which I was born, only to have my life hijacked, which resulted in me losing my home, car and sense of security. I was back at square one, or so I thought, before I could figure out what really happened.


You are a product of your choices, not your past.

I was born not just to poverty-stricken parents, but to parents who did not know love. They never experienced having a family and support system. My mother got pregnant at 16 years old and was thrown out of her mother's house while she was with child. She met my dad soon after, a man whose mother died after his birth. He lamented of his lack of education, family life and being tied in ant's nest and beaten by his dad.

I had to fend for myself

I grew up in circumstances no child should have been subjected to, but that was my life. I worked and struggled through college thinking, yes, this is all I needed to do and I will find a job and then I would find a husband, have my own family and then I would be happy.

I bought my home and for the first time I felt like a 'somebody', I belonged. I had a place that I could call home, no more moving around. That was taken from me without sympathy or empathy. It happened without me being able to prevent it and there was no one to help me. It was just gone.


Your greatness is in your brokenness.

I then became a life coach in an effort to help prevent myself from becoming depressed again. This took me on an amazing journey, I felt happiness for the first time. I realized that travelling exonerated me from the feeling of being trapped in my life. My life felt like a prison. Travel made me realize that the spot I stood on was merely a tip on this amazing planet. There are worlds of opportunities to discover. There are cultures to explore. There is wisdom to be found from the innovative mindset of others.

What's your story?

I don't know your story. However, you can rise from the ashes of your pain. You are not alone. Good luck!

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