I Pray For Increase

Updated: May 25

Our Father,

Hallowed be Thy name

Your will be done in my life

As You have designed it to be

Thank you for abundance, Father

I pray for increase!

Lord, keep Your hand upon me

Let me not want, for You are my Shepherd

Bless my life, my hand, my mind

Protect me from that which conspires against me

Replenish my soul and heal my mind

Reward my works, God

Enlarge my territory, increase my reach

Multiply the impact of Your works in me

Anoint me so that I will speak truth

Strengthen my capacity to cope

Lord, let not my heart be troubled

For I know that You go before me

Keep reminding me that You are with me

Send Your comforter to my aid

Send Your angels to encamp round about me

Let Your Holy Spirit be my constant companion

Abide with me Lord, this is our home

Bless me

Thine hand be with me

Keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me!

And God, grant me that which I've requested.


© 2022 Racquel Reece

All rights reserved.

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