Ode To Friendship

Love is an amazing gift

You have mastered the art of giving it

You make the world so much lighter

You give your heart without measure

The hell you are living sometimes freezes over

But still your warm embrace you give to another

A stranger, a friend, no matter who needs of you

No excuses, no limits, no distances, nothing you wouldn’t do

You define 'friend', as forgiving and true

The very heart of you, in your every touch is felt

Your gift to perceive beauty at a glance

In all mankind giving everyone a fair chance

You demand little if anything at all, thank you for grace

Ever giving, expecting nothing, ever-loving is what you are

Angels from heaven are sent to us I believe

You are of a special kind and that is clear to see

A heart like yours is rare and divine

So I take not for granted your presence in my life

Bless your heart and your mind

May your life be filled with all the love you have brought to mine

© 2015 Coach Racquel

All rights reserved.

This poem is a dedication to one of my dearest friend who has helped me learn what loving care feels and looks like.
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