Ode to God

Updated: May 25

I owe it to my life to be its source of light,

I owe it to my body to listen when it cries.

I owe it to my mind to feed it with peace, not strife

and I owe it to my heart to spend it, not on lies.

To You, I owe my life,

Your love is so divine.

My world, my joys, my peace of mind,

By Your grace I daily find.

You’ve blessed me with some dear ones,

Some with pure heart of gold.

You make strength of my weaknesses,

I find greatness within me, from chambers unknown.

I owe it to my neighbors, to love them, every one,

I owe it to my enemies to outstretch a helping hand.

My life, my heart, my all, You own,

I owe it to You Lord, it is all Yours, my soul.

© 2012 Racquel Reece

All rights reserved.

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