Overcomer's Prayer

Updated: Jan 29

Lord, please give me the strength to survive it

Grant me the wisdom to learn from it

Empower me with the will to leave it behind

Equip me with the courage to forgive the cause of it

Inspire me with the knowledge to deal with it

Teach me the patience to go through it

Guide my feet away from it

Let me know my ability to cope with it

Redirect my mind to never entertain it

Strengthen my heart to heal from it

Bestow on me the faith to overcome it

Speak to me so I cannot attend to it

Guide my consciousness so I won’t repeat it

Change my thoughts so I cannot be victimized by it

Written by Racquel Reece ©

All rights reserved.

There’s no problem too big for us to overcome. No crime too sinful for us to forgive. And the moment there is, you are in disobedience of God and that is not worth it, or perhaps for some people, it is. I have nothing but love as I await the day I no longer need to be here. I will surely be happy to go and so today I live, I own my truth, moment by moment.
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