Power In Thinking

Updated: Feb 1

It was over before I began

- my life,

I had failed before I started

- my plan.

Everything I did, everything

- I think I am,

Have been just a journey through

- withering sand.

Life is like cancer,

It’s terminal.

If left to its own devices it’ll suck you dry,

When you least expect it your world goes awry.

Everything you need stays at a glance,

How can you achieve them, oh not a chance?

It’s not about winning or losing

nor faith, blessings, or believing,

But I dare admit, what has come to my thought

Could I be praying to the wrong god?

As easy as oxygen goes up your nostrils,

Life’s silly dreams go up in curses.

As I was walking with my head in the clouds

failure was smiling, knowing it will be my outcome.

All over me, darkness hovered,

everything I touched soon withered.

Every life I entered became infected,

Not before long, I will be rejected.

It took me some years, but I soon discovered

This cloud that followed me, was by me, gathered.

See, this is what evil wants me to believe,

That I am nothing and that I would be, indeed.

I was actively creating my thoughts of grim,

Instead of thinking wisely, I know I’m born to win.

I must change my thoughts, to save my life,

Positive thinking must be my delight.

The answers are within me, not from outward sources,

My faith shall lead my feet into the right places.

Be cautious how you seal your fate,

Renew your thoughts, and a new life, create.

© 2005 Racquel Reece

All rights reserved.

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