Progress Over Perfection

Updated: Apr 18

I have been blessed with tremendous teachers, mentors, and coaches. I was reminded this week of something Jhenelle (UNESCO) once taught me, she said: Don't get caught up in perfection, Racquel. Don't get caught up in doing other people's work. Let the person for the job do their work, and you do yours.

Sometimes we get so caught up in analyses and critique, that we overrun our own selves because we believe our way of doing it is better than another's.

Each spice by itself doesn't necessarily taste good, but when blended well with others in a good recipe, the aroma and the taste can be exquisite.

It is not about how perfect, how great, or how experienced we are. It is about showing up, doing your work, and trusting God's plan.

There is a poem in here somewhere.

We can complain,

Or show up and do our best each day.

We can curse,

Or we can support.

We can hinder,

Or we can open doors to innovation.

We can lament,

Or we can complement.

We can disobey,

Or do as God says.

We can criticize,

Or help others shine in their own way.

We can dismiss,

Or we can inspire.

No matter how our gifts collide,

Our results are our own, whatever we decide.

Because in the end, it is my belief versus yours.

My preferences versus yours.

My understanding versus yours.

And my choice versus ours.

My message to you today is three tips:

  1. Show up

  2. Do your best

  3. Respect and value what others bring to the table even if you would have done things differently. Different is good.

It is equally important to see greatness in others, as you do in yourself!

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