See Me - A Poem For The Strong Ones

Updated: Feb 20

If both my legs were broken

You would come to rescue me

Lift me, arms to legs

For a bath or to be fed

But this inconvenient pain

That no one sees, inside my brain

Is so invisible, God it pains!

You told me to go help myself

When I turn to you for some help

God must have a sense of humor

When in my mind he lets loose these tremors

Perhaps He figures I can take it

After all, I keep escaping

It is my lot I am not complaining

But I guess #wakeup is all I'm saying

We keep choosing what to see

When those we 'love' is hurting clearly

Pain is inflicted evidently

So, why don't you acknowledge my bleeding?

Because I am strong doesn't make me inhuman

I don't need your pity, how about compassion?

How about taking action, establishing a plan?

Actively device and pursue a valid solution

I'm just surviving, don't expect perfection

Healing takes time, even for us strong ones

Written by Coach Racquel. Copyrighted 2020. All rights reserved.

Do you receive more love, thoughtfulness, and compassion when you are in victim mode? What happens to damsels who are not in distress, do they lose their princess crown, so no one comes to rescue them? Have you ever felt like being strongly made your realities invisible to others? If you are a strong one who sometimes feels overlooked, this poem is for you. You are loved.

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