So In Love With You

Updated: Apr 21

My life hit rock bottom

Anchor lost all control

But not before He reached me

He sent an angel, most unlikely

You see me daily

But what you don't see is the miracle that is me

It's His grace alone that rescued me

I was not meant to still be here, free, cared for and all content

But Yahweh decided, chose me regardless

Protected this life inspite of my choices

The enemy came, he came real good

But His one God army went to war for me

He chases me

Keep bleeding to secure me

I was that one, He left the 99

He saved me, please hear me

He planted peace inside my soul

His light burned inside me

Darkness couldn't over take me

With strong arms he shielded me

He held me down, He wouldn't let go

Paralysed in prayer, His will must reign

As pain rocked my body, frightenly so

Like a river, in a drought, I was emptied

Everything went from me

Like the fetus He bind me

Tears flooded like rain

It was my delivery

A new birth, redemption

He held me safely

Revelaed Himself to me

It's all His now

this life that was once mine

He didn't stop until I surrendered

Fear and trembling, but divine

I'm all Yours now Lord, our love is true

So completely, incandescently, in love with You

It's the way You claim me

Held me uprightly through Your glory

It's the way You guard my heart

Ever so gently

You wrap me in your mercy

Complete commitment no insecurity

I belong to You

Dedicate my life to Your will

I am all yours, take my hand

Wedded bliss, You and me

I'll be yours for my lifetime

This heart of mine is all Thine

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