The Caribbean Sea

Swishhhhhhhh here it comes

Swosshhhhhhhh there it goes

When it speaks you can understand

it demands power, it demands land

It reaches out with powerful hands

With power like the wind, it hugs the sands

Oh the soft blue that deepens when it stretches

Oh what beautiful grandeur, such beautiful colors

It warms and soothes you,

It hugs and squeezes you

Like a mother to her baby, it whispers, “I love you”

In its hands it carries you

With the winds as you’re afloat

It engulfs the air around you

Takes your cares of fear and doubt

Its amazing caresses tingles your skin

Being inside it soothes you within

Here it comes, there it goes

The Caribbean Sea, in its graceful flows

© 2004 Racquel Reece

All rights reserved.

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