These Questions I Ask

Was it by choice, or did it happen accidentally?

While I was inside her, did she caress the belly?

Were there smiles as she carried me?

Did she even like the pregnancy?

Did she care for my birth as it happened instantly?

Or did the rejection start immediately?

Did she slip her nipples into my tiny little mouth?

Was I rocked to sleep on her lap?

Did she watch me sleep as I drifted into my dreams?

Did she care that I had dreams of her?

As I grew older and chopped my knees was she there to take care of me?

At nights when I cried, was her love, from me, denied?

Will I ever recall those steps she taught me?

Or did she?

Where in my history will she be?

In front, behind or always beside me?

What are mothers for, I ask?

Will I learn what MOM means at last?

© 2004 by Racquel Reece

All rights reserved.

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