5 Tips for Creating Happy Habits

You Are The Diamond!

In 2016 my life flipped upside down, I mean upside down. I lost EVERYTHING I had worked for, from growing up in a hut to sending myself to the top high school in my home town, university, successfully establishing three businesses, bought my first home, car and had all the friends I needed, the best friends in the world.

I am in no league with Jonah, but its the closest story for me to use that will be understood widely, I pulled a Jonah and God decided, okay, then I have to allow this flip my child so you can hear and respond to my voice. So He allowed my life to be flipped and in Job fashion in ONE LIE, ONE DEFAMATORY ACT AGAINST ME, I was stripped of every thing.

1. Be willing to make changes. Change is the only route to the life you deserve, and it comes at a #cost.

I immediately fell into the 'drowning man syndrome', until one morning I was on my knees doing my guttural cry prayer as I usually do when things go horribly wrong, and I stopped in mid sentence, and I caught myself in the act and stopped immediately.

2. Expect favorable outcomes. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel #after you have found the diamond within.

Don't seek to escape the pain, feel it!

I made one commitment, Lord, I want to feel this pain. I want to feel every single bit of it. I stopped being desperate, went 2 weeks with no food because I ended my pity party. I allowed myself to feel every ounce of my pain, I needed to. Then I decided, NO MORE pain, NO MORE guttural cries. #StrategizeToWin

3. Live in gratefulness, not fear. Gratitude is my instinctive road map to a meaningful and happy life.

4. Your success or failure is completely down to you. If you have to pray a guttural cry prayer, it should be about gratitude.

The mistake we often make is spending too much time lamenting that danger (or hard times) is upon us, resulting in a delayed uptake of the opportunities that came with it. Stay fixated on what you want.

5. Live consciously. The state of your life is a reflection of the state of your thinking.

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