Updated: Jun 2

Today is a new day, fresh and clean

The burst of daylight within me streams

Afresh, anew, my dreams be

My life, to live, wild and free

Today I will redefine myself

I will love with understanding

Trust with forgiveness

Respect with honor

Assist with patience

Listen without judgment

Serve without reward

Guide without controlling

Give without expectation

Try without regret

Embracing now with gratefulness

Celebrating life in its fullness

Poem by Racquel Reece ©

All rights reserved.

One morning I woke up very sad, feeling hopeless. So I went for a walk. There was so much beauty around me and so I wrote this vow. This first poem is dedicated to God. This poem is one of my favorites, it is one of my conversations with Him. He said He will never leave us or for sake us. He created us in His own image. He sent His son to die for you and me. Therefore, I must be very special to Him, and if I am that special to Him, that is my right to be, to live and to celebrate my life.

R. Reece

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