Part I: Too busy to be present

Scam! All I saw was the word and my stomach tightened. I couldn't continue reading. I am sure my heart stopped. I couldn't breathe. My world spun and my eyes felt as if they were failing me. It was my nightmare. It was my nightmare!

We had just finished working on a charity project for my Foundation, GoInspired Jamaica. It was slightly dark in the evening, around 6:30 p.m. We were downstairs in my home office and had not yet turned on the lights in the rest of the house, when we heard a loud sound of a motorbike coming to a screeching halt.

Someone banged on my car and shouted, “A wi money we come fah!” I had never felt so scared in my life and did not understand what was happening.

It was only about two weeks before that, some unusual occurrences started happening to me. Following my dad's recent death, I had a terrible accident resulting in doctor's orders for me to get physiotherapy. I was at my appointment one afternoon, sitting in the waiting area waiting for my physiotherapist to invite me in, when I felt the touch of a stranger. It was a kind stranger. An indian woman. She gently place her left palm over my right arm and in very hushed tones said the strangest things.

"Something terrible will happen to you, but you are going to empower people. No matter what happens, keep empowering people", she said among other things I missed.

I was too appauled at her to hear all of what she was trying to say to me. I dismissed it. I used to love going to pray by the ocean in the mornings. One morning, not long after my waiting room experience, I was standing by the ocean and it was like I had seen a ghost. A terrible fear came over me. If I weren't such a cynic I would have thought God showed Himself to me. Again, I dismissed it.

"I don't know you. I am Rebekah from Australia. I think someone is trying to steal your company from you." Another kind stranger reaching out to me via email.

She said, I saw your name on an article and after doing further research realized that you are the owner of the Foundation that we were about to award a $350,000 USD project, but something about it did not seem right. I had to reach out to you to find out more. And I want to come to Jamaica to meet you, she further communicated. Again, I dismissed it; curiously, but dismissed it nonetheless.

That evening God sent me a sign I certainly could not dismiss, overlook or ignore; it was in my front yard. It was clear that he was on the phone with the two men who came for "their money" that they at the time claimed that I used to buy my house and car, and they wanted it back.

I dialed 1-1-9 about a dozen times, nothing. The nearest station was about five minutes from my home. The calls went unanswered. I went from freaking out to freezing up.

My nephew who was with me brought a knife to me and tried putting it into my hands, but it fell right through my numbed fingers like a strainer. I remember him saying, “take the knife Auntie, take it.” I recall hearing one of the men saying "We are here, we are outside”.

It was only a few weeks earlier that my business partner of eight months relocated office equipment, fired all the members on his team and went on vacation. You guessed it, I still didn't see the signs. God will first have to throw me to the wolves then rescue me, for me to get it.

So why am I sharing this now. I am sharing it because I need you to see the signs. I need you to slow down, take a minute and recognize what you are missing. You are missing the call of God on your life. Today I am so grateful that God did not stop chasing me. He came after me like a roaring lion to save my naive, poverty-driven life. He went on to sending angels to encamp round about me. Today, I will serve Him with everything I've got. My life, purpose, existence and all that I am are dedicated to Him. Yahweh must be obeyed.

Stop being too busy to love, care, share, be present and live the life He intends for you. Stop being too busy to let God's purpose manifest and translate throughout your life. But just incase you are too busy, He will still keep fighting for you.

Your greatness is in your brokenness. My life has prepared me for His purpose, my calling.

Don't be too busy with those who are bleeding you, to be present for those who are actually loving and caring for you.

#Vindicated #Godappointed

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